ED 17 – Sometimes it’s just a picture


I’ve probably said before that ‘I’m not a photographer by any means, nor would I ever want to call myself one.’ I also have a habit of openly mocking those “100% of the time people” that claim to take up photography because they don’t really have any other purpose in life and see it as taking an easy way out.

It’s the same reason why I can’t stand ‘artistic nudes’ because you can’t just take a picture of a naked lady and call it art.
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ED 16 – directionless

photo (1)


How do you know when you don’t want take the path that you’re currently on? When you finally choose that path at the fork in the road, do you get that itch it’s not the right one?

And then from that point, do you keep walking down it or do you turn around and try the other one?  Continue reading

A Skill that you have to learn backwards – ED13

I did this all by myself. -Selfie (Self portrait for those that know better)

I did this all by myself. -Selfie (Self portrait for those that know better)

The first time I ever had to work a tie, my father did it for me. Double windsor knot.

When he was finished, he complimented how it looked. Then suggested that if I ever had to use it again, to just loosen it a little. Enough to keep it together so I just have to tighten and loosen whenever I needed to. Continue reading

Friendship in the form of a small boat – ED10

Tyler at his home in Richmond, BC.

Tyler at his home in Richmond, BC.

I care about friends more than family. It’s not as if I dislike family, I come from a large one. Between the two, I care about friends more because I have very little of them. I’m not a bad person to get along with, friendship is just a very specific thing for me.

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