A Skill that you have to learn backwards – ED13

I did this all by myself. -Selfie (Self portrait for those that know better)

I did this all by myself. -Selfie (Self portrait for those that know better)

The first time I ever had to work a tie, my father did it for me. Double windsor knot.

When he was finished, he complimented how it looked. Then suggested that if I ever had to use it again, to just loosen it a little. Enough to keep it together so I just have to tighten and loosen whenever I needed to.

I did that for many years and never bothered to question anything about it. There was never a time that I asked my father questions, because I didn’t want to sound stupid in front of him.

later on in 2007, during a class at Vancouver Film School, I was rehearsing a scene that required me to be dolled up all fancy-like. Remembering the same thing about the tie that my father suggested. It’s weird that it’s been all those years and I still left it like it was.

Though during the rehearsal I unraveled the tie completely and stood there wondering what I should do about it as we were getting ready to start from the top. Stephen Park, my teacher at the time, had a look on his face as if I were wasting time out of fear.

My voice quivered a little bit as I shamefully spoke up.

“I don’t know how to tie it…” I looked down as if I was preparing to get mocked. He didn’t say anything, he stood up, walked over to me and tied it himself. Suggesting it’s something I learn how to do for the day I perform my little scene in front of the class.

When I got home I set out to save myself from any further embarrassment. I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and practiced till I did it right.

You never realize how important of a skill set it becomes when you actually learn how to do it for yourself.


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