We’ll take you outside

During the fiasco of the Youtube copyright claims that recently happened, there was a tiny voice in the valley of hundreds of lets players that really stood out to me.

“Yeah, I’m playing a video game, But I’m also talking about my life here!”

It was that specific distinction about lets plays that really struck me in a way, that I suddenly began to theorize. It wasn’t until a chat with some friends that the idea suddenly came into fruition. Because if what this kid said was true, then maybe… just maybe, you could eliminate the act of playing a game and try something completely different.

So I’m happy to introduce an idea that is what it is. It will update Tuesdays/Thursdays on a quaint little youtube channel. people will come, people will go, but I hope it will always be engaging:

EDIT: The entire playlist of the west 10th Let’s Walk with Dolphinbutter is now a part of the player below, enjoy the walk in it’s entirety.


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