ED 17 – Sometimes it’s just a picture


I’ve probably said before that ‘I’m not a photographer by any means, nor would I ever want to call myself one.’ I also have a habit of openly mocking those “100% of the time people” that claim to take up photography because they don’t really have any other purpose in life and see it as taking an easy way out.

It’s the same reason why I can’t stand ‘artistic nudes’ because you can’t just take a picture of a naked lady and call it art.

Though, despite my best efforts to sound like I know more than others when it comes to art and integrity, there will always be something.

Through the 100s of pictures of your dog, there will be the one or two moments where you actually understand what you’re looking for. You will be in the right place at the right time with your fancy T3i, alpha, or even your smart phone.

And I can honestly tell you that I get it, when I started these specific blogs, these Eye deals, (It’s a dumb name for sure, but I couldn’t think of anything better. Feel free to suggest something else catchy if you like.) I’ve just been sifting through old photos on my phone and seeing which ones could be made an interesting story out of.

But those often vary in quality, but I do it as a means to show the photo with a little more than just the photo.

Yet.. with a picture like this one, I don’t really have any words to express. No bullshit story to ham up. This time I feel like the picture is good enough to stand on it’s own legs.

So if You’ve read this far, congratulations… But sometimes a picture is just a picture.



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