The way of things.

I’ve sat around not wanting to say anything that was none of my business, but it’s given me time to reflect on what is.

I enjoy business from the old days, that would go out of their way to convince the consumer what they wanted. Cigarettes taste great and calm you down, It’s father’s day so buy him a tie, If you love her you’d give her this hallmark card. The ignorance of the consumer helped business flourish, and capitalism is great.

Since those days, the consumer has grown to be more savvy. While they do play along, they ask for more, or something different and then the business came into business with the customer.

Lately industry has succumbed to the plight of the customer. Instead of business trying to convince the customer what they need, they spend time and money trying to give what the customer wants.

The tables turn, and now that the customer has a little power they think of themselves more entitled to the product and if there is the slightest slip up, they’ll throw a tantrum.

While it doesn’t seem like much if it’s just one person in the middle of the store, it definitely tries to be dire when they scramble together on the internet.

seems fitting.

seems fitting.

I don’t think I really need to explain what happened in the past couple of weeks. To be honest, a lot of whatever-the-hell-it-was-that-went-down, seems far too personal a matter, and it’s not for me to give an opinion on it.

But I think it’s fair for me to comment on the state of the community that believes things are designed solely for them. For starters, the internet is a big place because a majority of the world is always connected to it. While they can all go on finding one thing in common, there’s going to be plenty of other things that can’t be agreed on.

Most of the time, the consumer can’t agree on their industry. Because industry wants to evolve but the consumer needs it specifically designed for their needs. So every time the industry tries to do something new, the consumer get’s real mad and finds something to use against the industry keeping them in their place.

There are many things out there that I am a fan of, I always like seeing what they do, no matter how different it could be. In another part of the world, there are people furious that Felicia day has the audacity to get a haircut. We are convinced that Spider Woman has to look a certain way, but there will always be a multitude of artists with their own interpretations.

The worst part is definitely, when the consumer takes advantage of the personal lives of those in the business, harassing them in the worst way possible. Anonymous may not forgive or forget, But nobody will forget those actions.

We already know that there’s a line that business shouldn’t cross to effect the consumer, but there definitely needs to be one for consumer thinking they can effect the business. There at least needs  to be some civility.

If anything, “The customer is always right” no longer applies. Especially if they’ll say and do anything to get their way.


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