Sunday Social Club 08/24/14


Welcome to the Sunday Social Club, which is really just a roundup of news articles that I find interesting and wanted to share as a means of spreading news. (unless you already follow every news outlet through all those ridiculous means of social media.)

This is also just a really adorable way to keep me reading about current events. So without further adieu:

Doug Wilkey contends that the Palm Harbor Middle School student’s year-round operation is an “illegal business” that causes excessive traffic, noise, trash, illegal parking and other problems that reduce his property values.

Incase you had any idea what that meant, it was for a Lemonade stand.

Remember that post from last year about Halloween Costumes? You know, the whole bit about Halloween costumes used to mean something, but by today’s standards we think pop culture and memes make for better costumes, as we try to go for the cheap laugh rather than the spooky fun? Well, My words have apparently never meant so much until now.

Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor Who, and this is the only time in my entire life that I’m willing to give the show a try. I get to be honest here and say that I’ve never cared for the show. There’s only so much television that I want to watch, and I’ve missed the boat for being a fan of it.

But Peter Capaldi is great:

Sadly, I don’t think Doctor Who is that kind of show.

In most extreme cases, this is probably the most positive experience to come out of an earthquake:


Here’s a fun fact, the whole Winnie the Pooh story has turned 100 years old today. Most people may not know that it also originated in Winnipeg, Manitoba. But it wasn’t until the bear moved to the London Zoo that she became inspiration for the story we all know and love.

People still love watching Kate Gosselin hate herself.

Tom Hanks misses the joy of using a typewriter and hopes you do too. Me? I’ve always been fond of typewriters, I enjoy that kind of technology! As much as I like the idea of the Hanxwriter, I would definitely go out of my way to get a real typewriter, even though everyone and their dog considers that to be dated technology.

Before I leave you to the gentle bosom that is Sunday, I had to share that Comedy + Tragedy = Time.

That’s it for this segment today, Share below you favourite stories of the week. (or maybe even the past couple of weeks.) and look forward to seeing another one of these next sunday, as we continue to get social in this club of news.


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