The way of things.

I’ve sat around not wanting to say anything that was none of my business, but it’s given me time to reflect on what is.

I enjoy business from the old days, that would go out of their way to convince the consumer what they wanted. Cigarettes taste great and calm you down, It’s father’s day so buy him a tie, If you love her you’d give her this hallmark card. The ignorance of the consumer helped business flourish, and capitalism is great. Continue reading



There used to be a time, when the internet was first available for the public use, it was filled with curiosity and wonder. Typing random subjects into searches and going to l’hotel chat, talking with a random person with somewhere else on the planet.

Because it was all new to me, I wanted to have a positive experience.  hung out on forums that I found interesting. I even made my own website on tripod. It was all adorable childish things, because that’s exactly what I was, a child.

There was an innocence about the internet then, that just doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Continue reading

session No.9

It happens a lot these days doesn’t it? That feeling that something is smoldering deep within your jowls. A bitter taste builds up. You hate it so much that you just have to get it out of your mouth.

That’s right, an opinion is starting to form. Everyone else has felt it many times before, so they reassure you, “It’s just your opinion, man.”

Then again you’re not sure if they’re serious or only quoting ‘The Big Labowski’. Continue reading

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


It’s always interesting to recognize something as a phenomenon. Thousands of people come together as if a deity descended upon them in the form of cheese bread. Or rather the face on the cheese bread. For a time these people are believers in the most irrational thing. Their lives, for that moment, are a vacuum. That’s the feeling I got this weekend, as the eve of Grand Theft Auto V ( or ‘five’ as I like to call it) descended upon us mortals. It seems crazy. The release date was known for quite some time, yet the hype-train rolled through, only recently, like a raging buffalo.

That’s the best part though, spending the weekend reminiscing everything about a franchise that exists on it’s own. There’s been countless open world games since, perhaps even before GTA III. But no matter how many are out there, or possibly do it better, GTA exists on it’s own. There’s something to be said about that, because It is a franchise that has become bigger than you’d expect it to be. I always recall the driving being the worst part. The last game had even more questionable gameplay mechanics, but Rockstar makes their games their way, and that’s what sets them apart/stand alone. Continue reading