Sunday Social Club 09/14/14


It seems like an eternal struggle with Vancouver teachers just wanting to do their job in the best way possible. A pro-union rally set to take place at the Vancouver Art Gallery this morning was agitated by a group of Richmond parents who appeared fed up with the teacher/government tussle and just want school to start back up again. 

The group recently registered as the ‘BC Parents Federation’, is now an extra piece in this ongoing strike, but is it helping? Or is it only adding more tension?

A Truck was so full of beans on September 8th, and shared this fact in a bizarre incident on Highway 17 in surrey. Sounds like the driver should have BEAN looking at the road.

Hey, remember this week when a bunch of websites decided to protest for Net Neutrality, and nobody paid attention because they kind of did it in the worst way possible? Do you wonder if anyone actually cares at this point? Do you feel as though it’s a war of attrition? Seems like it might be.

Oh hey, winter came a little early for Calgary this year. But, one can always make the argument “This is Canada, what else is new.” wants you to know that Jared Leto, not only has a penis, but the size of it is decent enough to report on. But I think what’s more important about Gawker; How great it is to see Kelly Conaboy of videogum continuing to make that website a better place of decent human beings…

…Like pointing out the wisdom of Martha Stewart.

Queen Elizabeth II broke her legendary silence on the subject of Scotland’s independence from the U.K.

Self absorbed sycophant Shia La Beouf is sucking it up and going to rehab:

Oh Michael, you lush what are you doing this sunday? relax I’m done I’m done. This edition of the Sunday Social Club is over. It’s very Canadian centric as the Teacher Strike is the ongoing important news of the Community. Oh wait, did you read the news that the bone cancer that claimed Terry Fox is now highly curable? That’s great news and one step closer to the bigger picture of cancer research. I hope you also enjoyed the weather today for the Terry Fox run.

Comment below on any of the news shared today, and feel free to bring something else up this week that I may have missed. Maybe it’s important that we talk about Katy Perry and Taylor Swift throwing shade at each other, I don’t know I turned 30 yesterday it’s no longer my demographic!


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