Sunday Social Club 09/14/14


It seems like an eternal struggle with Vancouver teachers just wanting to do their job in the best way possible. A pro-union rally set to take place at the Vancouver Art Gallery this morning was agitated by a group of Richmond parents who appeared fed up with the teacher/government tussle and just want school to start back up again.  Continue reading


Shia LaBeouf is probably an actual cannibal.

He wakes up groggy, after another late night of typing ‘I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE’ over and over again in his twitter feed. He’s done this for some time thanks to the ever leering public, that keeps reminding him that he’s screwing up.

This morning he tries something different.


Shia gets up from the pool of his own sweat that was once a bed and puts on a nearby t-shirt. He gurgles orange juice in his mouth that’s been sitting outside of the fridge since Wednesday. Dips a tooth brush into a bottle of Jack Daniels and proceeds to brush his teeth.

He’s a busy person today. Continue reading