On editing


What do you do when you have the perfect shot and it’s a little cut off, making it a picture that you just can’t use for the article?

Naturally, use the photo anyway if it’s just ‘too good’, but for those that want to enter into taboo territory, photoshop is your answer.

Designed to fool the naked eye by doctoring all to hell, it’s the perfect software to take those great shots, and make them even better.


photo courtesy of Dustin Godfrey

As you can see, the picture on the left cuts off the main focus of the story. What exactly is the man holding? Is he a magician floating a tiny ball in the air with his own willpower?

But with a little photoshop magic, you can fill in the missing pieces. No he’s not a magician. He’s actually playing table tennis with a paddle, and appears to be enjoying himself.

Thanks photoshoppe.



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