Goty 2017 and why it’s better to be late than never

I know, it’s like 16 days into the new year and I simply haven’t made an attempt to write anything related to video games. (albeit in a very long time, irregardless of ‘game of the year’ lists.)

But, here is my attempt to fix that. Because I’m going to be honest, a lot of my focus toward the end of the year was to just produce video things. I think I would have to credit my friend Geoff for that. After being a regular contributor to his twitch talk show for almost the entire time it was on, I ended up catching the streaming bug pretty hard myself (Although these days it seems to be mostly about Overwatch, Truck Driving and cleaning up dead bodies.) 

And putting more focus into content for my NewsFriends podcast, as well as freelance video jobs I literally had zero time to think about anything to write.

So I went home for a bit, and I had time to think.


Pictured: A giant cigarette.

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Wasting breath on Link

There seems to be a fundamental belief that the year we live in dictates how the state of the world should be. How we progressed in technology and human rights is because it’s the year 2016. So it’s only fair that our fiction should reflect that as well.

It’s 2016, why isn’t Link a female?

Granted, I think the only reason why people were convinced Link was going to be female in “Breath of the Wild”, is from the very first teaser trailer. A cloaked hero suddenly unravels and jumps off of their horse to reveal an effeminate looking hero of Time.

[He always has had that look, but when you compare him to most male protagonists in video games, he might as well be a woman.] Continue reading