Self Journalism (on photography for news)


I’m often unfairly critical of photography, because so many of my friends like to think they can just take it up no problem (It’s so easy it’s soooo easy.)

Surely it’s one of those things. Everyone can be a photographer, but not everyone can take pictures well. Continue reading


A strip of a beginning

newsgetter01The original idea I had for this website wasn’t so much about telling the internet children ‘what for’ but as an excuse to draw comics again.

Newsgetter press, was about a tiny little newsroom, aspiring to write about the events of the day to the younger demographic. It would be topical to a long winded blog post attempting to explain what the strip was event about.

As much as I enjoyed the idea, I didn’t feel like I could muster up enough enthusiasm to keep drawing even if the plan was a two strip a week basis, so the whole thing was put on the back-burner, and idealoclast existed instead.

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