The trumpet’s call

Security was tight.

Police crowded around The Thomas & Mack Center in Paradise, Nevada, anticipating what was sure to be a hotbed for protesters.

Truth to be told, what took place here was an important move for Donald Trump. Having taken full control of the Republican primary, and feeling more power than he’s ever had in his entire career as a ‘businessman’ he felt it was time to make that gamble.

He had all the chips, why not go all in, in the “gambling capital of the world”.

The crowd roared as Trump waddled his way to the stage, waving one hand in the air and doing the ‘finger gun’ with the other. Was he pointing at anyone in particular? There’s been a lot of talk in the news for the past couple of weeks, police were investigating a series of violent acts that were potentially linked to Trump’s rallies.

He assures the press that they’re all ‘just having a good time.’ Continue reading


West of the art form

“Ugh, you’re such a little slobber monster.”

Kanye West was coming out of the bedroom in his leather vest, sipping on a cup of Seattle’s Best. He could hear his wife Kim playing with the baby in the living room, North’s giggle was out in full bloom. His boyish demeanour always so curious/about his child, who to him was just mysterious. He doesn’t really like to go near her too often because babies give him the heebie-jeebies.

But for North, he tries.

“What are you girls up to?” he asked softly. Continue reading

A business deal virtually about reality

Mark Zuckerberg sat at his desk. Choosing the best pictures to upload to his Facebook profile that makes him look like a pretty cool guy. Since it’s inception, the social media website has been a carefully meticulous ploy to boost his own self esteem.

Nobody would have suspected that Facebook got as big as it did. Yet, nobody would have suspect millions of people to willingly be depressed in front of their electronic devices for the rest of their lives as well. He’s made piles of money from his investors taking data from millions of personal lives, and he’s had more than he’s ever wanted.

But he knew it wasn’t enough.

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Tonight is what Fallon will show.

“I did it. I’m finally here.”

Jimmy Fallon looked at the crowd from behind the curtain, holding back all of his excitement and a nervous bladder. He did something that seems so impossible to do: Be the host of the tonight show.

Words couldn’t properly express how he felt about this moment. ‘Thank you. I love you.’ kept rolling around in head as the show was about to start. He thought about everything that came before him, a tear trickled down his face as he starts to recall the events that transpired. Continue reading