Daniel Wyke Part 14

“All aboard, Fort Kelsey via Harbourstone!”

Daniel heard the conductor shout in the distance as he eagerly rushed toward the terminal. Lined up amongst others, all patiently boarding something seemed strange a little further down. A small group of men in uniform talking to a coach attendant, arranging seating for themselves. Whatever it may be for, didn’t interest him as it was thankfully none of his business.

Daniel boarded and took his seat next to a mother and son. The mother entranced by a novel, hoping it to keep her occupied for the duration of the trip. Yet her son beside her, knees on his seat and hips swaying around. Wanting to be everywhere on the train but right next to his mother.

A coach attendant went down the aisle asking for tickets and Daniel happily complied. From here on out it was going to be smooth. Continue reading


Daniel Wyke part 7

The pirate queen of five different seas. Malenka St. Clair is an enigma, compared to other pirate captains. While most take to the ocean so they can live by a code of unruly behaviour, Malenka chose a life on the ocean to get away from her own.

Born Malenka Oberst to a poor family, in a time where great economic problems befell the country. Though the husband and wife were proud of their newborn daughter, they knew they could not support her. Within weeks of her birth they put her up for sale, hoping that she would be granted a better life and anyone looking for a child would make a generous offer. Continue reading