Daniel Wyke part 8

Daniel caught on quickly to being helpful around the ship. Like an obedient dog he helped cook and clean when it was needed. Stocked up supplies and learned he was around the ship. Though he was accused of being a yes man all his life, his diligence to be part of the crew was due to an extraordinary thirst for knowledge.

The crew itself seemed intimidating at first, but once Daniel was brought into the circle, he’s learned that their hard exteriors were actually quite thin.

Kale, being the eccentric pirate that he was, never looked to build a crew of delinquents. He was much rather interested in personal tastes and interests. Did a pirate like stories more than rum? Would they have taken painting and music over a whore house? Chances are the unlikely answer would be found on this boat. Continue reading


Daniel Wyke part 7

The pirate queen of five different seas. Malenka St. Clair is an enigma, compared to other pirate captains. While most take to the ocean so they can live by a code of unruly behaviour, Malenka chose a life on the ocean to get away from her own.

Born Malenka Oberst to a poor family, in a time where great economic problems befell the country. Though the husband and wife were proud of their newborn daughter, they knew they could not support her. Within weeks of her birth they put her up for sale, hoping that she would be granted a better life and anyone looking for a child would make a generous offer. Continue reading