There’s a lot of people out there, that may not know how to properly express things with words. Years have proven that us, as everyday human beings, have a hard time conveying the things we really want to say. Sometimes our hellos slip-out into a conversation that is suddenly compared to nazi’s before you even get around to introducing yourself.

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sometimes a joke is just a joke.

The internet has a strange idea of what an entrepreneur is. Facebook monetizes your existence alive or dead. You can make a living off of being a D-bag to celebrities. Presumably, I can call myself an entrepreneur┬áif I have a constant flow of traffic to this blog and hope you click on adds. (There could probably also be a donate or subscription button for when I ever go crazy. Let’s be honest here, I’ve been thinking about it.)

The internet is a weird place that nobody understands. If the Dot-com bubble was any indication, there will be people to take advantage of anyone willing to throw money at them, if there’s a large enough in-crowd. Continue reading