There’s a lot of people out there, that may not know how to properly express things with words. Years have proven that us, as everyday human beings, have a hard time conveying the things we really want to say. Sometimes our hellos slip-out into a conversation that is suddenly compared to nazi’s before you even get around to introducing yourself.

Mimes are often hated for the fact that they never want to tell you anything. Everyday their life is a charade and they constantly impose their beliefs onto others, expecting you to ‘just get it’.

But like most pictures on the internet some people just don’t and never will. This week, it’s time to ‘meme-it-yourself’ and interpret whatever it is that a mime is saying, within our modern language. Find a picture on the internet and slap on a couple of words or a ‘phrase’ and let your creativity be horribly ruined. Share them below, and together we’ll have invented something for no real reason. But won’t that make you sleep a little better tonight in knowing that?


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