Daniel Wyke part 8

Daniel caught on quickly to being helpful around the ship. Like an obedient dog he helped cook and clean when it was needed. Stocked up supplies and learned he was around the ship. Though he was accused of being a yes man all his life, his diligence to be part of the crew was due to an extraordinary thirst for knowledge.

The crew itself seemed intimidating at first, but once Daniel was brought into the circle, he’s learned that their hard exteriors were actually quite thin.

Kale, being the eccentric pirate that he was, never looked to build a crew of delinquents. He was much rather interested in personal tastes and interests. Did a pirate like stories more than rum? Would they have taken painting and music over a whore house? Chances are the unlikely answer would be found on this boat. Continue reading


Daniel Wyke Part 6

The first noise to come out of Daniel upon awakening wasn’t an exclamation, but a whimper. The stressful moan of a man coming-to, exhausted from his lungs. From a pitch black cavern, to a well lit room, his eyes were certainly taking time to adjust.

He doesn’t remember being knocked unconscious, but he definitely felt the pain from it. His instinct to rub the back of his head was halted, as his wrists felt tightened when trying to move them. They were strapped to the chair upon which he was placed. Even though the seat was rather comfortable, the situation was was pretty alarming, considering a moment ago he was hiding behind a bunch of rock.

“What’s the worry boy?” spoke the loud voice of a woman. He winced a little, not quite adjusted or ready to hear anything. She sat at the other end of the table in front of him, quill in hand. Not looking at him, but giving him enough attention so he knows he’s not alone in the room. Continue reading

Daniel Wyke Part 5

In the wake of Leopold’s death, a note was left behind in his study. He explained, in what read like a confession, that he was going back to the place to where it all started. The hollowed cave at the bottom of the cliff.

A group tried to search for the body. But the haunting, hallowed darkness of the cave forced them to turn back, as they could not find a single thing. As a result, they boarded up the cave and plastered the warning ‘unsafe for entry’ across the boards.

Swimming in the area became off limits, and parents didn’t want their children to go anywhere near the cave. Though it didn’t stop the youth from making it a popular hangout. One where they would always sneak out to at night and tell ghost stories about their founding mayor, while gathered in front of the closed entryway.

Continue reading

Cat Crimes – ED03


Cat sticker on a window at Sperling. Cats are such a commodity these days.

Internet cats are their own breed it seems. When an internet and a person’s video camera love each other very much, they look toward their kitty friend to fill the void of happiness in their life… and live vicariously through the popularity of their little balls of fur.

“This is so mind blowing, I didn’t think anything like this would happen,” said after the 12th attempt at a youtube video. “My cat is so great! Thanks for making me feel rich, cat.”

Yes, thanks cat. Because beyond the  horizon, you’re not my pet, but my net-worth. My pet-worth.

The next day, a swat team busts down an apartment door. Cats and cameras every which way. A man hunched over his laptop clicking refresh. Many different accounts, all with the same purpose, mining the human ability to detect cute.

As the man gets ducked into a squad car, and the cats are gathered to find better homes, an officer is reached for a simple statement:

“It’s a shame bitcoins never quite took off.”