The thing that should matter about our culture.

Above is a video that we just recently released on News Friends, and for the past week and a half I have been ruminating the thought of doing a write up about it. ¬†There’s a story about this video that’s worth mentioning, especially in the context of culture. Continue reading


Inanimate objects of Vancouver

IMG_0992The rock that sits in front of the Library of Langara college is a very curious site. An unofficial mascot of the state of students in the modern age. Boorish, heavy, can’t be bothered to do anything, yet pleasant to look at. In an attempt to seem friendlier to people it had a brief stint with a twitter account. But stopped tweeting when it shaved off it’s moustache. Continue reading

Sunday Social Club 08/31/14


What a cold and desolate week it’s been on this website. You might have to get used to that for a while. I have the audacity to go back to school for the fall/winter.

To ensure that I’d pay attention to school, my week was filled with unmentionable whatever and a hell of a lot of sleeping. So If you’re asking why there was no SSC this morning/afternoon it’s because I had the audacity to not wake up.¬† Continue reading

ED 17 – Sometimes it’s just a picture


I’ve probably said before that ‘I’m not a photographer by any means, nor would I ever want to call myself one.’ I also have a habit of openly mocking those “100% of the time people” that claim to take up photography because they don’t really have any other purpose in life and see it as taking an easy way out.

It’s the same reason why I can’t stand ‘artistic nudes’ because you can’t just take a picture of a naked lady and call it art.
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