ED 17 – Sometimes it’s just a picture


I’ve probably said before that ‘I’m not a photographer by any means, nor would I ever want to call myself one.’ I also have a habit of openly mocking those “100% of the time people” that claim to take up photography because they don’t really have any other purpose in life and see it as taking an easy way out.

It’s the same reason why I can’t stand ‘artistic nudes’ because you can’t just take a picture of a naked lady and call it art.
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Let’s Walk: in the fog


Fog is a bit of interesting weather. It gets in the way, covers your line of sight. It either puts you in great danger, you keeps you in a place of peace and quiet.

I guess for the most part, it is what you make of it.

It became the subject of a Let’s Walk that I really wanted to do. I find fog fascinating and absolutely love going for walks through it, no matter the Silent Hill vibe that it gives off now a days.

For these videos I’m joint by my friend Ossi, an independent game developer from Edmonton, Alberta. We delve deep into the atmosphere to explore just how spooky it could get, while having a delightful conversation. Continue reading