West of the art form

“Ugh, you’re such a little slobber monster.”

Kanye West was coming out of the bedroom in his leather vest, sipping on a cup of Seattle’s Best. He could hear his wife Kim playing with the baby in the living room, North’s giggle was out in full bloom. His boyish demeanour always so curious/about his child, who to him was just mysterious. He doesn’t really like to go near her too often because babies give him the heebie-jeebies.

But for North, he tries.

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MeMe, I made it!

I touched up on this a little bit before, but I really like the timing of it. This morning, Gawker posted an article detailing how to get rich from Memes. The particular meme that was surrounding the article, was none other than ‘Grumpy Cat’; exploited oblivious kitty with feline dwarfism. The dwarfism is conviently the cause of that signature grump.

This cat has made various tv appearances, won “Best” Meme, at the 2013 Webby’s, has a book out, and potentially a ‘Garfield-like’ feature film on the way. How is one ‘perfectly-content-and-probably-not-at-all-grumpy’ cat capable of all this? It has a manager.

One Wednesday afternoon this summer, Ben Lashes is standing on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood sucking on an electronic cigarette. He’s in tight jeans, a black fedora, dark Ray-Bans, and Air Jordan 1s. His client, Grumpy Cat, waits in a shiny black Escalade for the TMZ Hollywood tour bus.

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